Batman–Appaloosa–Foaled 2004

Retired, except for the occasional trail ride and EAL sessions.

Belle-Paint pony–Foaled in 1993

Retired, except for the occasional trail ride!

Bodi–Quarter Horse–Foaled 1997

Retired and living his best life!



Cody has had a busy life! He was once an Amish buggy horse! He found his way to another lesson barn in Nicholasville when his buggy days were over. He is a very smooth ride and is as sweet as can be! Thanks to to Martin family for loaning him to us!

Diamond-Welsh/Shetland Pony

A perfect kids pony! Every kid (big and small) loves Diamond! She listens to her little riders when they begin off lead and has just enough spunk to make riding a safe challenge!

Jitterbug-Percheron/Thoroughbred cross

Jitterbug is a very flashy mare as well a tank! She’s like riding on a lazy boy! Jitterbug has a history of dressage, jumping and prior experience at another adaptive riding program before landing at Steps and Strides. She is free leased to us by the Nevills family.


Liam is a very handsome bay QH! He also has experience at another riding program prior to coming to Steps and Strides! That experience helped him transition quickly into his role with us! Thanks to the Sillman family for allowing him to be a part of our program!


Moose is a very personable pony. He LOVES people and calls out to everyone he sees! He is a forward mover that makes our riders think when they are riding him. Moose is very loving and loves to trail ride and hang out with his friends!

Peanut–Miniature Horse

Peanut is such a tiny guy. Peanut heads up the driving program and the Pony Tales program He is excellent driving horse. He is very gentle, curious and just so cute. He is perfect for our 3, 4 and 5 year olds to groom and lead around. He will also makes it easy for wheelchair bound clients to groom and lead.

Pumpkin-Shetland Pony-Foaled 2012

Pumpkin is used for bareback riding and driving and the Pony Tales program. She loves all her jobs but especially the Pony Tales program because she gets to travel out in the community.

Rafferty – Appendix – Foaled 2000

Rafferty is an Appendix that has been professionally trained for hunters/jumpers. He had an extensive show career until his retirement. Rafferty began his adaptive riding career in 2022 and has been a wonderful horse for the program! Rafferty is free leased to us by the Baldwin family.

Tamale–Draft Cross–Foaled 2007

Tamale is hunter/jumper and trail trained. He is alpha in his herd. He worries where everyone is at. He is a massive horse that will be a great asset to our adult clients. Strong, steady, confident and playful are Tamale’s qualities.

In Memory




The best farm dog ever!

Our resident farm dog.
Official greeter and barn supervisor!